Balancing your Mind and Body for Well being in Difficult Time

No doubt, the whole humanity is going through a tough time. In this dark phase of our lives, we hardly see any good or even a neutral news that can comfort our mind.

Everyone looks worried and stressed. Whenever we interact with anyone, gradually or instantaneously, we discuss the events and things that are worrisome or sad.

Surely start avoiding interactions, not reading relevant news and cutting off from the world is not an appropriate solution as we really need to keep ourselves updated with happenings around us.

So how can we keep ourselves alert and updated without being fearful? 

Here are few points that we can consider:

1- Most people tend to imagine or expect future outcomes based on current events and news which are either too optimistic or pessimistic. Specially when all corners of the society are reporting negative news, we are bound to loose hopes.

The better approach in this time would be to re-imagine the future based upon the efforts being made for our well being, for safe guarding ourselves. We need to be effort or process oriented and required to understand the situation, learn from others’ mistakes and ramp up the precautions of strict nature. Scientific approach to understand: Do’s and Don’t is much better than opinions and myths that normally emerge in such times.

Tough time demands right decisions at the right time. If you take early precautions or extra precautions, there is no harm in it but that should be of appropriate level and based on certain scientific facts. Remember, every effort would reduce the probability of a bad outcome and increase the possibility of good outcome.

At the same time, make sure not to be obsessed with precautions based on personal opinion or myth which may happen if you don’t research well and start accepting every advice (without fact check) that come your way..!!

2- It is almost impossible to stop your mind to think about something unwanted. But it is easier to indulge yourself in some better activities or thoughts that are more optimistic, constructive, creative and fulfilling.

Following a hobby (indoors), reading a soothing book, spending time off the screen, observing life from balcony over a coffee or spending time with family, all these can rejuvenate the mind easily.

3- Physical movements such indoor walk, Yoga Asanas, Aerobics, Household Chores or any other exercise can allow your body to release more endorphins that help in stimulating mind for better functioning, memory and concentration. This also can help you to remain focused on your efforts with optimism.

4- Meditation can also help to detox your mind and bring your attention to necessities of life. If you never did it and wish to begin it, try with some soothing instrumental music that you can easily connect with. Online platforms are full of such resources.

5- Take proper nutrition for a healthy body. Neither too much nor too less, a balanced diet that keeps you energetic all the time. Avoid addictive substances such as high intake of caffeine, tobacco or liquor products. Include more of detoxing and stress relieving foods (Dark chocolate, Turmeric, Yogurt, Green tea, Broccoli etc.) in your diet, if easily and safely available.

6- Following a regular routine is also helpful in balancing your thoughts. Eating on regular intervals and having proper 6 to 8 hours of sleep on a daily routine, helps to balance the mind and improves neurons’ functioning in the brain.

7- Sometimes prayers also do magic. Not only for those who needs it but also for those who pray for needy. Praying for others’ well being and good health, can help you develop faith in humanity or divinity. With every selfless prayer for others, you will feel, something deep within you has changed. This can allow you stay strong even in adverse situations.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Alert…

11 thoughts on “Balancing your Mind and Body for Well being in Difficult Time

  1. I read it thoroughly and found that I is very useful to general people and motivational to all those special people who can do something to others to help them by their thoughts and other means but they are sleeping in these very hard day s. Very good Thoughts and suggestions.thanks


  2. The seven points are absolutely noteworthy and must be implemented in these testing times to come out of the situation.


  3. Indeed we are going through tougj phases so we need to have a positive attitude and relaxed mind for managing ourselves. Following a routine is utterly important as it helps in maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind. Exercise, yoga, meditation and prayer helps in destressing our mind and soothes ourselves. Involving in an activity is also an excellent way to divert ourselves from negativity to positivity. However, the most important thing to understand is that, it is not the first time that humanity has faced such an issue. Previously also various incidents happened and we have successfully able to face these challenges. So, it is necessary to believe in ourselves and look forward to a better future.


  4. Very Nice and elaborative about Life in general and present situation. It will definitely help people if they follow this.


  5. Good points said Dr./ prof. Easy exercise or habits to developer, Maintain peace of mind.


  6. Good article, list of what to do to stay positive in these dire circumstances. Try to apply in my life will help


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