World Environment Day

During early evolution of life, we lived in Nature.

Later while being civilised, we lived with nature.

In the time of industrial revolution, we started living away from nature but with dependency on natural resources.

With each passing century our relationship with nature is getting distant.

Being out of sight, many of us started believing that we can live without nature and when in need, money can arrange all resources needed for life.

But the undeniable fact is: we can not live away from nature. Natural Environment is irreplaceable.

Let us be little more responsible and sensitive towards protecting our Mother Earth and Natural Environment.

Surely, we can not leave all luxuries and comforts of life all of sudden and move back to nature but we can learn, plan and initiate a lifestyle that reduces our negative impacts on earth.

We can easily become a sensible consumer and start sacrificing step by step the things that harm our nature.

Sensible use, re-use and recycle is an effective way to reinstate the harmony with nature.

Thanks and Regards,

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